Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reality in U.S.- China Relations

The U.S. and China have always had a complicated relationship and it is only recently that they have recognised that they must cooperate in order to have a good understanding of how to communicate and work together without any conflicts. This web article expresses the point of how different secretaries such as Timothy Geithner has the view that "only when China makes progress on U.S. priorities-- such as the reduction of trade and investment barriers, protection of intellectual property rights, and currency revaluation-- will the United States make progress on Chinese priorities, such as the export of high-tech products and market economy status."
By having this view the United States and China are creating a wider distance in terms of creating a global peace and stability between the two and also the relationship the U.S. and China have can affect many other countries around the world because they are the two major powers that can make a big impact on something.
Many people are worried about what kind of power China will be because in 2010 it would appear that there were "a series of almost unimaginably poor decisions by Beijing" that raised many concerns. Furthermore, the year had also got "off to a bad start with the cyber-hacking and Google debacle in January." Therefore, all of these problems adding to the growing concerns many people have with the way China will run as a power. The problems China were having allowed the U.S. to maintain its power and leadership to which "President Barack Obama, Clinton, and Gates crisscrossed Asia ties with traditional allies, broaden relations with newer partners and offer reassurance of a deep abiding U.S. commitment to the region". This now means that the U.S. need to capitalize China so that they can at least come a little bit closer to creating a peace between the two nations and the U.S. must also do some things such as getting their economy back on track before anything can go further to pursue the relationship, however it also comes down to China as they have to try and work hard to create a good political relationship between the two. Therefore, the U.S. and China are always going to have problems but they both need to work together in order to cooperate as one power.

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