Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Class system in America today

Class Matters was started by Betsy Leondar-Wright, an economic justice activist as well as an author who writes about class and economic equality. Although the website doesn't give much information about the organisation itself, it does however come across as a very popular group with many links to people within the group that have been interviewed and articles that have been written. This website unlike many others, seems to have a very relaxed approach to getting their values and points across. When I clicked on a link called 'working definitions' this relaxed approach was confirmed. 'Class in the US is a confusing and slippery topic. The definitions that make sense to one person may not make sense to another. These definitions are offered in hopes of starting a discussion with shared language.' Its almost as though it doesn't matter if you agree or not it is up to you. The website tends to subtly put their points across and without asking for things such as money donations, makes the website more appealing and more approachable for many people.

A majority of the website is taken up by surveys which they have undertaken with responses from interviewees and visitors of the website. One of the surveys asked 'What's the most classist thing you've ever heard someone say?' with some of the responses being quite shocking. "Of course I am going to be patronizing to workers, I'm educated." These surveys are a brilliant way of emphasizing just how prominent the class struggle is in America and how things are not changing and adding concern as to whether they ever will. Responses such as the example I have given, majority of which were from those higher up in the class system, create a reaction from those reading them and I think that these surveys alone should trigger a reaction within someone which is perhaps why the website takes such a laid back approach.

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