Monday, March 26, 2012

US vs. China.

When typing on youtube US vs. China or their relationship the dominant and repetitive theme to continuously to come up what economic power. The US and China are both very powerful countries, dominating a lot of industrial organisations such as cars, oil and general productivity. This means there will be a constance rivalry between the two of who is the better country, as seen through out this course Americans like to believe they are the best in every aspects.

This video details how an Chinese - American economistics belives that America's age will run out in 5 years and China will take over.
This is supported with facts from the IMF (Internation Monetory Fund) who says 'just ten years the US economy was 3 times the size of China's, but new data realesed by the IMF shows the Chinese overtaking the US by 2016.'
The video also states that the Chinese can afficiatly construct building and railways, he doesnt say unlike the US but it is clear he is suggesting the the Chinese will over take the US due to passion on being the best whilst the US just sits back and hopes things to happen.

The IMF also show a graph depicting what will happen with the Chinese economy  growing by  7.8 trillion dollars over the next 5 years, where as the US economy will grow only 3.6 trillion dollars, this is one of the lowest economic outputs by the US in its history!!

This demonstartes the China may easily take over the US economically, but this could also impact socaially, instrial use and other aspects as well. This clearly shows the American dream may now be the Chinese dream instead.

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