Monday, March 26, 2012

cat fish

Cat fish was an American documentary that followed a photographer and his crew on a journey of finding 'love.'  He firsts meets a young girl named Abby who draws pictures of Nev's photos and he soon becomes in contact with the mum, dad and attractive older sister Megan via Facebook. He continually keeps talking to Megan through facebook and then text each other, they also do have a few sex talks on the phone. This shows that even though they have never met they have an extraordinary connection that happened on facebook.

As the story continues however it is clear that everything is not as it seems, little conversation and searching on the Internet for Megan proves difficult and it seems as if she is not actually real, so the team decide to go to the family home and meet them after 8 months of talking over facebook.

However when he gets to the house, the mum isn't a young attractive women, but rather fairly overweight and she has two disabled twin daughters!!

The mum confesses that she has in fact taken strangers identities and made up family and friends so that they can all contact each other like a real facebook page would do.

This story shows how American identity can be stolen from other, fabricated and hidden. The women pretended to be a completely different lady and have a whole different family, just from a network site. This can either show some Americans as completely odd and strange, or show how technology is so advance that you don't have to be yourself in any way anymore, and clearly others will believe you to be the person you imitate.

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