Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sexual Identity

The video I have chosen is from The Ellen DeGeneres show in February 2012. In the clip I have chosen, Ellen is standing up to 'one million moms' ( and standing up to her haters.
Ellen says in the clip that she doesn't usually bother responding to her haters but this time she felt the need to. Ellen explains about her endorsement with JC Penny and how 'one million moms' responded. Ellen remains calm and confident whilst explaining the whole situation and even jokes about how she will now receive free t-shirts.
Even whilst reading out what 'One Million Moms' said about the endorsement she remains herself not letting the comments get to her but retaliating with her comedic element. She goes on to show the audience that 'One Million Moms' only have 20, 000 fans on their Facebook page.

Ellen DeGeneres doesn't come across a maybe what a stereotypical homosexual is assumed to come across as. I also think that the fact that Ellen is probably one of the most influential lesbians in America and with such a popular TV show, shows us that she is accepted into society, no matter what certain groups may say. I think the fact that people like Ellen and Perez Hilton are so popular and well known all over the world gives a positive outlook that maybe things will change eventually and how much society has changed so far.
Overall Ellen represents a positive image of 'gay and lesbian' society and at the end of the clip states what she stands for, which is exactly the same as any other person in America or the rest of the world. What I do wonder though, is why is it that people with such a high status in America are so popular with millions of people behind them, has nothing changed quicker in Society?

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