Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jewish Americans

This website is an organization for the Iranian American Jewish Federation (IAJF) which was set up and launched in 1980 due to the mass immigration of Jewish people in Los Angeles, California in 1979. There were also other organizations that were set up, but this was created and formed to defend and protect the interests and welfare of Jews not only in America but around the world as well. The organization created a magazine called Shofar Magazine in order to make communication with other people easier and more accessible as well as "providing information about the activities of this and other Jewish organizations within the community." The magazine was first published in 1982 where Homa Sarshar, a well known journalist in and out of Iran, took control of the creative direction and the editing.
The Shofar has had many editors and in 2007 it used a young graduate from the University of Northridge, California called Mojgan Moghadam-Rahbar who used his experience in print media as well as radio and television to "capture the interest of the younger Iranian-Americans by creating a well written, informative and entertaining English section to the publication." Furthermore, the Shofar is using younger and more energetic writers because they want to keep the "community informed and encouraging healthy and constructive communication within the Iranian-American Jewish society." This is because the Jewish community is increasing and more of the younger Iranian-American Jews are becoming more educated and established and so this magazine enables them to keep in contact with those that may not be as well as the older people in the community.
Therefore, the fact that this particular faith is using a magazine and there is also a calender on the website that shows everything important in Iranian Jewish life just shows how this community is growing and becoming increasingly important in the change of the identity of America. This religious faith can change the views and beliefs of America because as there is a rise in the volume of people living in America belonging to this particular faith, or even converted Jewish people then the predominate faith to which is the Christian faith then becomes smaller allowing for Jewish people to become part of the faith that can act as a factor for defining the United States of America. Furthermore, the Jewish faith has been in around since the time of B.C and in America it has been there as early as the 17th Century and so they have a long history for living there.

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