Sunday, March 18, 2012

Occupy Together

Occupy Together is a website to raise awareness of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Occupy Wall Street movement is a non violent protest about wealth inequality in New York's Wall Street finical district. To quote from the website itself, "people-powered direct action movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District". The protest's slogan is "We are the 99%" - a reference to the result that 1% of America is the wealthy, rich percent. which is the first thing that stands out on the page - along with it's colour scheme.

The colour scheme is red, and white, is very quite significant in itself. Red is usually known as a colour of action, and danger, and when mixed with the simplicity of black and white, even more so. The pictures on the main page are edited with a pop art effect, causes the subjects of the picture to become anonymous and just part of a crowd.

Next to this slideshow are two buttons; Click here to find an Occupy group in your area and Plan and start solidarity actions in your area. Clicking on the first button sends you to a page that offers a list of all the states, other countries and their occupy websites. The second link locates where you are, and tells you whether you're town has one (Winchester doesn't!), or offers to start a new one. It's very clever - and a little scary that it can track you!

There are the typical links to social networking sites - this time in grey as to not stand out too much - so people can rally their friends in or meet others in the area, and below a "Recent Twitter Activity" log. There is then next to that a list of blog posts to inform people in more detail about the recent movements, all around the world. The site is informative and great at encouraging people to get involved by telling them what opportunities are available, and information about what is the current status of the movement.

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