Friday, March 2, 2012

Perez Hilton on gay marriage and miss California.

I chose this video for a few reasons. Firstly it's not stereotipically in your face 'gay' (bright colours, over the top dramatic faces and speeches, over the top clothing etc.) secondly Perez Hilton is predominatly one of America's and possibly the worlds most recognised gay famous person, and as he is a jounalist(blogger) he is aware of many situations surrounding the world, which allows him to express his opinion proffessionally. This means that he will obviously have a postive emotion towards gay marriage and as he was at the ceremony of Miss America, and even asked her the question on being gay, his view towards her as well will be very strong.

The video starts with a question being asked about Miss California, where he adds emphasises saying that 'I think Miss California HAS to loose her crown.' He backs this up by saying she has broken the rules of the padgent and her contract, this makes him seem aware and knowledgable about this issue, so we are more likely to side with him and his views.

This video also shows his power and gay power, he says that in the last 4 weeks the polls have shown that more and more people are now in favour of gay marriage. This could be due to the 'fashion' and trends people follow, but due to Miss Californias ignorance, people may dislike her views and her general self and want to rebel and go against her ( possibly just to cause controvisy.)
He goes on to say that Maine has now legalised gay marriage, New hampshire are deciding what choice they want to make that week and California will also be providing their desicision to the state. This means that gay identity isnt always seen as we negative anymore, but rather considering previous years where people would never tell anyone about their 'status' are now allowed to show the world who they are and love with gay marriage.

In the interview they talk of him blogging where he has over 10 million followers, this also tells us people arent as prejudice anymore and welcome new ideas by supporting peoples individuality.

There are many other videos surrounding Miss California and other celebrities that are for gay marriage, but due to Perez Hilton's major influence and popularity with people, shows that people are acceptance of the idea of being gay and their identity is recognised with new laws such as legal marriage.

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