Saturday, March 31, 2012

Center on US-China Relations is an educating organization which is 'deciated to promoting a mutual understanding' between China and the United States in a global context. It has spread however since to owning headquarters in many other cities including Mumbai, Seoul and Sydeny. It looks at Arts, Business, Culture, Education and policies, and 'provides insights [and] generates ideas... to address present challenges and create a shared future'.

They hold a centre in a few American and Chinese cities, yet post lots of interesting articales and encourage dicussions online too. Right now they are holding a project to promote a "Green China" and "Green United States", as the two are the top producers of greenhouse gases.

This site is very interesting, and I think much needed! It looks far beyond just business relations to promoting culutral relations too - show casing Asian artists and films, and equally Chinese opinions on American culture too. It's refreshing to see a project that unites the two in other ways than any economic rivalry (although these issues are touched upon too!)

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