Saturday, March 24, 2012

Digital Identity

This is an article that states how the US are proposing that American's have online ID's in order to help try and protect against fraud and identity theft. By doing this the "the government wants to create a voluntary system that will allow Americans to access financial services online using one account." Furthermore, by having an online identity is will allow users to "register for access to a network of government and businesses providing data and ways to pay for things online." This digital identity has been given the name NSTIC (National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace) and this particular system is said to allow for citizens to pay for bills and taxes online with only giving away a small amount of information such as their age, thus protecting them against giving away too much information that will allow fraud and identity thieves the chance to take some ones identity.
This ecosystem has also stated that it will used "Trust marks" to ensure that the different organisations have met security standards to enable people to use safe web pages. The US government have also said how having a digital identity can not only protect its users but it will also be good for the environment because it will "improve productivity by...reducing paper-based processes and the help-desk costs associated with account management and password maintenance." Therefore, they are saying that by having digital identities they will no longer need any documented identities on paper because everything they need will be on a computer system.
Are digital identities a good thing then ? because although it may be more protective from fraud and theft it could still have its problems and I think this just shows how the world and America in particular rely on computers and technology to do everything and without them they would be lost. This is why I think that even though we now live in a world that is dominated by technology this is shaping the way people think and behave people are still very different in terms of what they do with it. Furthermore, although it may be good for protection it might also have negative side effects to it too.

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