Sunday, March 4, 2012

America Got Gay Agenda!

I found this video very interesting (and not because of the strange interviewer!), because it related with an article we read last week about Gay Agenda at the moment, and how there wasn't one. The author of the article also stated he had no intention to get married though, where as those interviewed in the video hint they would like too, or at least feel they should have that equality.

There was also only one person who looked embarrassed when asked whether they are were gay or not, but everyone else looked unfazed at the question. Comparing this to how society would have acted years ago at the question, it shows that the majority of people are now aware of and accepting of gay America (at least in New York).

The video showed their identity as equal until the law was brought up, and they mentioned they hoped for marriage rights and equality, and it reminded me how unequal America still is. I felt a little sad when the blonde man said he already was married, and showed the ring on his right hand! While America has come along way, there is still more to do!

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