Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scientology in America

I have decided to choose which is the official website for Scientology. Although Scientology is heard of, it is a religious group that many people do not understand, or do not have much knowledge of. This religious group may be seen as small however it is growing, especially with public figures such as Tom Cruise being a part of this belief.
When you immediately enter the website and many other pages, a video is played at the top of the page, reinforcing what Scientology is and should be. The video shows us that Scientology is the 'study of knowledge' the video continues to say it is a 'new kind of religion, not just something you believe in.' This video can come across as very selfish and cocky however on the other hand, the way in which this video and the website defines Scientology represents American Identity in the sense that it is something new and different from anything else. It allows people, in a sense, have more depth in a religion allowing your own identity.
What really stood out to me was that Scientologists claim that they 'actively use the insights and knowledge that Scientology gives them to make a real, positive difference in the lives of others.' This again relates to American Identity in terms of faith as making yourself better and always improving not only your life but others around you is part of the American Identity, this sense that through this religion you can and will become whoever you want to be.
They alos have a section on 'how we help' this section again comes across as very selfish and almost as though they are the best religion. In one of the videos they state how people who were drug free or educated are a lot more efficient than those who do the opposite. Their is this sense here again of trying to create the perfect American Identity and trying to get as many people as possible to follow the same path.

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