Friday, March 2, 2012

End of Don't Ask Don't Tell

This video clip was produced 20 September 2011 and it demonstrates how the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy is coming to an end, however it would also appear that the clip is almost making a mockery about gays and lesbians in the United States. This YouTube video also looks as if though they are laughing about the situation because it uses Jimmy Kimmel Live to show a another clip that has been created to show the armed force are accepting of gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Furthermore, before they show the clip they make jokes about how its going to be awkward to shower together and how the ban was waiting for the glee premier, which uses many gay and lesbian characters.

This could also be a mockery of sexual orientation and identity because it says the Marines have made a specific training video for how they are welcoming of different people. The so called training video also says how one of the recruits are from Texas, and the man in charge says "never Texas, only thing that'll come out of Texas is Queer, so you must be Queer" and then by the end of the clip the corporal says we accept any sexual orientation and he makes the recruit kiss him on the cheek to which he says "did you like that, so did I" so he says he is gay as well but its almost as if he is laughing whilst doing it. Therefore, when it comes to the identity of gays and lesbians America and the armed forces are trying to show they are accepting of this even though they are laughing about it at the same time which would suggest otherwise. There are also various links to other clips that show how some soldiers are not satisfied because it goes against their religion, but then there are clips that show how sport stars have come out and people are fine with it.

Therefore, when it comes to the identity of gays and lesbians in America as well as other sexual preferences I think it is more accepting to the idea and so more people are feeling as if they can 'come out the closet' and be proud about it but I also think there are many people that find it uncomfortable and will never be accepting. So I think it is hard to identify gay and lesbians in the contemporary USA because there are people that are still trying to come round to the idea as well as people that will always hate it and so it is still very difficult for many people to truly express who they are.

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