Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nickel and Dimed

The review I have found is by a website called Feminist Reprise, start off with a positive review of the book stating 'Nickel and Dimed is a needed work--engaging, well-researched and
written in a directly personal style.' I agree that the book is very insightful and well-researched.

However the review continues to say ' The book contains numerous disdainful comments and one very disturbing rant--"We live in fear of being crushed by some wide-body as she hurtles through the narrow passage from Faded Glory to woman size, lost in fantasies involving
svelte Kathie Lee sheaths." It is unfortunate that a political writer of her caliber has not only not examined fat hatred, but has contributed to it.' I agree with this as I do not understand why it was a necessary comment to make within the novel and a very nasty comment at that. Although it may be true what she is saying, I don't feel like Ehrenreich should be making comments such as this whilst undertaking such an 'experiment.'

'Ehrenreich succeeds beautifully in conveying to her middle-class audience that
she is just like them and that since she could not support herself, never mind a
family, on the jobs available to her, the problem lies in the system of low-paid
work, not in the workers.' Overall I do agree with this review as I believe Ehrenreich did a brilliant job of conveying the depth and degree of low wages in American Society and how trying to support one person alone is bad enough let alone those with a family to sustain.

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