Saturday, February 11, 2012

Critique of push

This website is a blog, by someone who enjoys reading many books and likes to give advise of praise and criticism on which are thought provoking, detailed, interesting or non descriptive. This allows the reader to be able to make a judgement for themselves whether they would enjoy the book for based on her recommendations.
The interesting thing about this blogger for the review of push, is that she is an middle aged African American women. She says that her favourite book is the holy bible, which tells us she is very christian, this could mean she either dislikes the brutality of the novel or may enjoy the realistic details of African American lives. She also tells us that she enjoys reading books from people of colour, again allowing us to create a better understanding of her and what she may find interesting and what her opinion on push may be about.

She opens her blog detailing about how it is now a film and the main plot about pregnancy and her parental abuse, this instantly sets the scene for the reader of what the book is about and what it contains. She also says 'for the first 30 pages, I'm thinking as i read ' the things we for through for the sake of literature. This is not my type of book. The reason i finally decided to read this book was that I'm learning to venture outside of my comfort zone; and i thought this was a touching yet traditional story.' I believe this too be true of many people and most may have felt like this some point through out the story as of the brutal scenes that are explicitly detailed. 

When analysing the book and character of precious, she speaks about her as if she is a real person, this creates a meaning that the blogger obviously feels close, sympathy and support for precious. This means the book has clearly spoke and interacted with her for Donna to feel such emotions for Precious.

Donna also writes some observation from the book, this means she has clearly read and understood the book and put her own ideas into the book. She makes a strong judgement in her observations of what kind of person would want to read this book. i totally disagree with this statement as i believe, although it is a horrible book in the sense of the plot and description of abuse, it is also uplifting in other ways and very inspirational.

too some extend i do agree with what Donna write buts more with the facts, rather than her own opinions on the book, as they are quite strong and what one person hates another would love for many other reasons.

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