Friday, February 10, 2012

Push - Critic Review

This critique/review of Push, started with the basic written plot. The only thing I questioned in this was the reviewer's point of Miss Rain giving " Precious some questionable advice about being a mother." I tried to pinpoint this in the story, but could not recall any advice that I thought was "questionable" as such. The reviewer of this article did also mention how they thought it was "Surprising... [that] the author did not make Precious’ mother a drug addict". I honestly think that "crackers" were mentioned enough in area, and as her mother never left the house and Precious hated these "crackers", why Precious' mother wasn't a drug addict makes sense. It also creates more sympathy for Precious since her mother wasn't 'under the influence' when she abused her daughter.

After explaining the basic plot, the reviewer warns "potential viewers" this is not for the faint hearted. I guess it's easy to agree with that! The reviewer branded it as "eye-opening and educational", which I also easily agree with. It is hard to imagine that some people have to suffer with this daily, and that there are even worse cases out there. The reviewer summed up the ending nicely; "The ending left me with many questions... However, I feel that it was best for the author not to tie the end of the story in a neat bow... in real life, many of the issues faced... are never resolved. In that way, this book accurately reflects life". I defiantly agree with that too, and could not have put it better myself.

Overall I thought it was a good analysis and critique of the book - other than the issues I raised earlier. It's quite a basic one, expect for the last few paragraphs, but is more detailed than some of the reviews I looked at for the book!

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