Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nickel and Dimed

This is a review of Barbara Ehrenreich's book 'Nickel and Dimed' and from first impressions it would suggest that many people are angry about the living/working conditions that people are faced with everyday, but the extend of it only comes to light now that there is a book to publicise it. Furthermore, the book also may have annoyed different people because "Ehrenreich is actually incredibly forthright about the fact that her experience does not mimic what it is actually like to live in poverty--it merely shows the difficulty of living from day-to-day on low wages. She always has the option of pulling out." The review also states that even though this book has been praised by many critics, they personally find that even though the book works fine Ehrenreich falters when she tries to produce a commentary such as when "she starts describing the plus size section at Wal-Mart, she refers to the clothes as tent-like and uses a few unflattering remarks to describe the customers."
Therefore, this creates an annoyance amongst people because to Ehrenreich it does not effect her the same it would affect others, as she has a home and a job she can go back to in her middle class lifestyle, whereas the workers need these jobs even if they are low wage because they desperately need the money to survive to buy food and shelter. This is why Pajiba, who wrote this review is not happy because it just highlights how people are treated by their employers as well how they struggle to make ends meet but they can not do a lot about it because it could have a negative effect in that people lose their jobs and homes.
Overall this is a negative view on the book that demonstrates to people the poor quality lifestyles that people in America lead and in some respect the book ma be eye-opening to what needs to be done to help. but I do not think their circumstance will change for a while yet.

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