Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pro and Anti Latino Immigration


This is a Pro website run by a "Mexican American". His tagline is "Discuss Immigration Issues with a Mexican American. Truth, Honesty and the American Way!"

This site interested me as for the obvious reason that it's an individual offering people who are either pro or anti latino immigration. The Individual's mission is that these people can talk with them "civilly, freely and safely thereby reducing the hate, anger and misunderstandings currently inherent in most of these discussions".

What drew my attention first was the links and pictures down the side - at first there is an image saying "I support the Dream Act". It is a bill to give those illegal immigrations a permanent residency to those of "good moral character" who have arrived in the US as minors, and graduated from US highschool. Some sites referred to them "Aliens", a few sites referred to them as children. So I assume those who use/d the term "aliens" are those who are anti immigration.

There was then a stamp the blog's owner - Dee - had made which had the blog's name written posted a picture of an angel with a United States flag saying GOB BLESS AMERICA.

After noticing that, I then turned to the main reason I was looking at the site - how they address issues. As it's a blog, they make a blog entry every time something political and unjust about Latino Immigration comes up, explaining why it's unjust (in Dee's eyes) and a little about the background. At the bottom of each post people can write their opinions on whether they agree with Dee or not - which usually starts an interesting debate between those who are anti and those who are pro.

Despite the name, Fair is an Anti Latino organization. Fair claims it aims to "seek to improve border security, to stop illegal immigration, and to promote immigration levels consistent with the national interest—more traditional rates of about 300,000 a year". The second site is less of an advocacy than the first, and reminds me of the presidential campaign sites. It was harder to find an Anti Lation organization, which is arguably a great sign, and easier to find reports on off-cases.

The site lists ways you can help, news and research. There's also facts and Quotes for those wanting to make an intellectual argument... The site provides a more collective point of view as it's trying to convince people it's everyone else speaking to the individual reading.

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