Wednesday, February 22, 2012

critique of Nickel and Dimed.

The first thing i noticed when finding a review of the book Nickel and Dimed that many focused on the financial and economic side rather than feminism. This means that maybe the book isn't as feminists as people (strong feminists) believe it too be as the majority of readers are seeing the difference in male and female rather the money issue is much more important and significant.

The blog from Brothers Judd starts by saying that Barbara is the rarest of breeds and is clearly a socialism. They also instantly criticise the way she has wrote the book and suggest that she doesn't give an insight into the real people who go through their jobs and suffering every day and also how she doesn't offer advice on how to improve their lives for the better, so what does this book actually achieve.

They later go on to say that she didn't look for a church to help her out with social and friendship issues. this could tells us the bloggers view point on Christianity, how the book maybe isn't 'real' in their opinion and their view on Barbara herself (possibly as arrogant, not realistic etc.) They go on to say that as she
refuses the Church's advice and later complains about the lack of available help, which has been offered to her and says her anti-religious sensibilities prevent her from accepting an available source.
This makes it clear that the writers of this blog, probably don't like her overall views in life about feminism, money, church and this is presented by the lack of positive praise for the book.

When the writer concludes the review of the book, he actually suggest a few points of how they could help the workers and she doesn't offer any ideas. i found this amusing that they try and basically re write the book as 'she doesn't bring much to the table.'
As earlier said the review doesn't speak of feminism and how she only chooses jobs that women apply for, but rather just speaks of the financial issues.
over all this review doesn't make the book sound interesting, well written or exciting, but rather puts me off the book and others.

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