Saturday, February 11, 2012

Push by Sapphire

This website gives many reviews on different books ranging from different styles and genres. The review for the novel Push was written by April (Books and Wine) in March 2010 and throughout the analysis she writes how she had mixed views about the story and the way it had been written as she says "To be quite honest, I'm still on the fence about Push by Sapphire. Now, I know I probably should have enjoyed Push a lot more than I did, but it made me so uncomfortable."

Furthermore, April also goes onto say how she finds parts of the story disturbing such as when the character Precious desires sex and the reviewer writes "you find out she didn't get a choice in the matter, but then okay Push by Sapphire goes into her desiring sex from her rapist. I'm sorry that's gross." However, this section of the book just illiterates real life situations because it has been known that rape victims feel ashamed for what has happened but feel as if they need more at the same time even when they know they have been sexually violated. Therefore, people such as April may "find this hard to read and accept" but then again Sapphire is trying to express her views about how people such as African-Americans are treated, and the fact that the character Clareece Jones also known as Precious is seen to be obese and in poverty as well as unable to read or write makes her overall situation sad. Moreover, people may find this an exaggeration of the truth, but this may be one of the only ways to makes people realise the extend of the way in which people from different cultures and backgrounds live.

On the other hand, although in this particular critique of the book April is seen to not be that keen on the novel she does however say "I did like the dialect in Push by Sapphire, I felt it really reflect someone who isn't educated and is illiterate." She also follows up by saying how "Push by Sapphire is a quick, gripping read, and while we are on tragedy train, there is a beacon of hope throughout the book, despite everything, and that beacon is education." As well as this she also likes how what is written in the book "is provocative and feels true, as it's told in stream of consciousness."

Therefore, even though for the majority of the review she criticises the book upon the fact that she finds it "gross" and perhaps exaggerates the truth too much, to which she finds uncomfortable she "doesn't regret reading it" and there are aspects of the book she enjoys. In addition this is just one of many reviews of the book and there are many people that like this and I personally thought it was a sad read and went onto watch the film which reflects this factor very well.

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