Sunday, February 19, 2012

White Mountain Apache Tribe

The White Mountain Apache Tribe live in Eastern Arizona, "where we have lived for thousands of years.. It starts at about 2,600' above sea level on our southwest side, and ranges all the way up to 11,400' on the peak of Mt. Baldy on our eastern border'.

'There are many different nations of Apache people. We are Western Apache, closely related to the people of San Carlos, Payson, and Camp Verde. Though there are differences in language, history, and culture, we are also related to the other Apache nations: the

Chiricahua, Mescalero, Jicarrilla, Lipan, and Kiowa-Apache peoples'

-They farmed, growing corn, sunflowers, beans, squash, and other foods. They hunted deer and other game and collected abundant wild plant foods. They travelled widely, trading and raiding throughout the region and deep into Mexico.
-They still hold dancing ceremonies open to the public, "during which visitors must abide by... [the] code of conduct".
-The White Mountain Apache Tribe now consists of approximately 15,000 members. Many live here on our Tribal lands, but others live and work all over the country and the world.
- It is home to the Apache trout, a species brought back from the brink of extinction through the efforts of the Tribe and many partners.
- While not much is said about their economical status, they do have their own resort and Casino!
- And hold lots of outdoors activities, in which visitors are welcome to join in! They encourage people to "leave the hustle and bustle of the city... and join us on the mountains where the air is cool and clear"
- The believe that we come from earth, and that "we belong to the earth".

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