Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pro and Anti Latino immigration.


Both these websites create their own debate on how they should be treated and what should be done to try and improve everyone lifestyle. For instance the pro Latino immigration mission states :' Our mission is to improve the quality of life for low-income communities, promoting and protecting human rights, civil and political rights of workers, immigrants and their families. We stand for equality, social justice and economic, and environmental protection.' This tells the reader that they just want a better life for themselves and their families by improving the money difficulties and their human rights. This straight away puts across many good points that for most people would sympathise too and may also believe that they too should be able to try and achieve the American dream if not at least a slightly better life. After all why shouldn't they no one in America in actually 'American' ( apart from the Native Americans) as everyone else has had to immigrate over to America, and for most of the same reasons, whether escaping government, religion or low wages. To start with for me personally this already shows the better argument.

The anti Latino Immigration website was set up by Jim Gilchrist who says that 'after years of frustrated efforts trying to get a neglectful U.S. government to simply enforce existing immigration laws.' By using such words as simply suggests that it's easily done and is something that just needs sorting out without any dispute. Also the word neglectful also tells us about the type of American he is, due to him not agreeing to the governments point of view, whereas it seems the Latinos welcome the government which would make them more favourable to become citizens on the US.

The pro- Latino immigration website uses many images and videos of how Mexicans are mistreated by Americans at times and express how they feel about their life and country. By showing negative imagery of Americans again create support for pro immigration due to the contradictory, arrogance and rudeness of Americans. Considering the main words we connect with America are the dreams, justice, freedom, pursuit of happiness and so on this goes against all what they are trying to stop but also themselves.

I found the anti- immigration website humorous with comments such as donations of $5,000. Realistically people may contribute an average of $50 at best. This means he may be slightly deluded by thinking people will support him this much, which makes the website not seem real and would maybe put people off believing what he is saying. Also he is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, which he likes to keep addressing from his logo, his photos and the constant mention of this job title.

The anti immigration website doesn't really put across good points or facts of his point of view, which would make the reader not fully support his argument. whereas the pro immigration website uses facts, pictures and the use of good wording (justice, freedom etc.) to promote their point of view and persuade others to listen.

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  1. These are the two sites we recommended, which doesn't suggest you looked very far. Did you mean to use the google translate version? You need to indicate which is pro and which is anti - I changed that for you.