Saturday, January 28, 2012

Immigration to the U.S./ Migration within the U.S. from 1880-1930

Gateway Highschool in the United States made their own small wiki for their school's Heritage Projects. One page/project looked at "Immigration to the U.S./ Migration within the U.S. from 1880-1930" exactly. The page divided into four main groups; The Italians, The Chinese, The Jews and The Great Migration.

The Overview/Introduction straight away presents facts, and while I was admittedly expecting the site to provide facts in the USA's favour, I was surprised how generally they were written. It starts with a useful timeline about immigration, and then goes into a little depth about the countries from which the most immigrants came from. However, they did refer to America as the "most productive and safest place to be in [during the war]" which is not entirely true, and is a little bit favoured.

The rest of the page presents this aspect of US history to American schoolchildren today in quite an impartial, academic way. The "article" (if you will), presented both the good and bad sides of America during 1880-1930 and was full of facts and figures. However, when reading the paragraph for each country, the reasons for leaving admittedly may have been a bit dramatized. On the other hand though, they do not glaze over the hardships that were faced once arriving in the US, and how unfair it was for them.

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  1. Where is Gateway High School? (took me 2 minutes - San Francisco - always be precise)