Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feminist America

Feminists for Life! is a "grass-roots" organization that "seeks real solutions to the challenges women face". It's aim is to promote "pro-life" - by "eliminating the root causes that drive women to have abortions". The organization mainly argues that women shouldn't have to choose between a career and children, or have to sacrifice their education for their children. They also "reject violence", "because women deserve better choices".

The organization works to promote both the identity of women as caring and great mothers and the identity they hold as hard-workers, and equal citizens. They are saying that women should be able to have both, at the right point in their lives, without the stressful choice of one over the other. They also work to "protect" women, by informing and educating the public more about their feminist "foremothers" in the past, and how they changed Women's Rights and history. Feminists for Life! also works to promote Equality in the workplace and at home, "Victory over Violence" and to give lots of information on Women's rights, in America and globally.

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