Friday, January 27, 2012

K12 Project - Immigration

This website contains information from 1800-1990 with stories, interviews and pictures of how immigration has affected America and how important America was to those in other countries. The website contains many different pages including one called 'Coming to America.' This page consists of a timeline allowing you to choose which year to go to.

At first I chose 1881 which was about the 'second wave of immigrants.' Immediately, the paragraph starts with 'Their skills, education...' instantly giving the Germans a positive image and seemingly more accepted by America because of this. The page continues to say 'They founded self-help schools, German-language libraries, orchestras and community centres.' This is extremely positive to the children reading this as this was all done for the Germans rather than just expecting them to adapt to America.

The page continues to say that immigrants came from all over the world, but a majority came from Italy and the Russian Empire who were Sicilian Peasants pushed out of their countries due to over-population and falling farm prices. However their were also jews from Eastern Europe who were fleeing from poverty and violence.
They were ambitious people persuing a dream of a better life.' This is such a positive image of US history for American school children today, knowing that although they were immigrants, they still had dreams like thos in America.

America comes across aas a very welcoming and adapting country, and for the children reading these stories, it is very important that they understand the importance of their country and have a positive outlook of America.

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  1. What's the source of the site? Is it a school? If not what is it? (it's a public broadcasting TV station) You have to do this, just posting stuff isn't enough