Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting by without the Middle Class

This is an article produced from the New York Times, published June 9, 2011 and it is discussing the class system and how the working class are struggling.
"The big mystery in the United States today is why the job crisis is not at the center of the political and economic debate" because it would appear that America is in one of its biggest declines yet. It is said that "nearly 14 million Americans - 9.1 % of the working population -are unemployed." There are also problems with finding full time jobs as "8.5 million would like to work full time, but can only find part-time jobs." Therefore, not helping the unemployment rate and it also creates pressure on those that need to find jobs because they need to earn money in order to live. Thus once of the reasons why 2.2 million people have just given up looking for jobs altogether. It has been said that these figures are the highest they have ever been since they first started keeping records in 1948.
Furthermore. this remains an issue in America because "the debate in Washington is focused on deficit reduction, rather than job creation" and so there will always be a problem with unemployment rates because the politicians of America are not trying to do anything about it which is why there is a class system even if Americans do not want to believe it or admit to it.
However, it would seem that politicians on the left wing have realised how important this issue is because Robert Reich, a former labour secretary stated that "the economic burdens of Americas's vast middle class may be catching up with the street" and he went onto warn the if jobs were not created soon the "American consumers will not have enough purchasing power to buy what the private sector can produce." Therefore, if this happens the middle class can get left behind because they will not be relied on to purchase goods as businesses are "learning to get by just fine, without middle class."
Moreover, if this continues to happen then America are likely to go into an even bigger decline than they already are in because more jobs are likely to go which means more people are going to become unemployed and will find it harder to get a new job. Which could consequently mean they could potentially become very poor and possibly even lose their homes especially if they have a family to look after in which their children could go hungry. Therefore, this class system is in a lot of trouble because it does exist and it has a huge impact on the way people live.

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