Sunday, April 1, 2012

America in Decline

The article I have chosen, written by Stephanie Ho focuses primarily on the Political relationship between the US and China. Stephanie talks about how, although the relationship between the two countries at the moment is not great, it is to be tested further this year 'as both countries face leadership change, or potential leadership change.'

Stephanie Ho's focus throughout the whole article on how change is to come due to changes in power within both countries is emphasized by the possible election of Mitt Romney. 'Mitt Romney, the leading Republican presidential challenger targets China in his public comments and says he will take immediate action if elected.“On day one, I will file, or I will, through an executive order, label China as a currency manipulator allowing us to put tariffs on Chinese goods that are coming into our country and killing American jobs in an unfair way,” he said.'
It is obvious that Stephanie Ho is uncomfortable about this idea and how it will effect the countries relationship even more.

However it must be remembered when reading this article that is is written by someone who is from China and someone living in Beijing. I can't help but feel that the article if course going to be slightly bias, even if not intentional. Although i feel the article is bias, I do agree that US-China relations are only going to get worse, particularly with America wanting to be the most powerful country and thriving off conflict.

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